Email Marketing

Our Email Marketing Services

With Email Marketing, you can speak directly to the customer in a more intimate way and maintain a long-term relationship with your customers, this is why it is still a popular digital marketing strategy.

Considering that the average open rate for UK email campaigns is over 21%, you can see that Email Marketing remains a mainstay of digital marketing strategy over the years.

  • The mission is to build customer loyalty and expand your sales potential. A successful email campaign depends on a series of effective and interactive newsletters that will lead to high retention rate of existing customers for repeat sales and greater sales conversion eventually.
  • Our Email Marketing campaign is designed to help your business to keep your existing customers updated and engaged, while reaching out to other potential customers that will be interested in the products/services that you offered.

Our Email Marketing Services include:

Our Email Marketing strategy makes sure that your customer receive a well-designed message to encourage greater engagement with your business and result in greater conversion success.
Data Collection & Management
Our Email Marketing campaign starts by researching everything about you, including your market industry and you USPs. We will also help you build and expand your customer base. Building and managing a reliable database as part of our email marketing campaign, we believe that this offers the highest chance of success.
Template Design
It’s not just the message, but how it is framed that makes Email Marketing such a powerful tool in your advertising arsenal. Our email templates are innovatively designed and work beautifully with all devices to make your emails to be visually appealing to everyone.
Reporting & Monitoring
Our team will closely review and monitor your email campaigns. We will provide regular report on the open and click-through rates, which provide valuable insight on how to improve your email campaign performance.

It is an inexpensive, yet highly effective means with an excellent ROI which keeps your customers constantly engaged with you.